Where your Money is Going with Us

Where your Money is Going with Us

19th October 2020

If you’re looking for a way to go ethical with your fashion, you need to support jewellery that looks good and does good too! Here at Sacet, we want to give you a breakdown of where your money is going with us so that you know what you’re supporting with your purchase.


We believe that beauty is a two-way street - we want our jewellery to look beautiful and have a beautiful impact. Everyone at Sacet wants you (the customer) to be proud of what you’re wearing and want to tell people about it, that includes knowing about its origin and the impact it has on the people who made it.


It all starts with opportunity -  we employ a team of skilled jewellers and give them the opportunity to work in a collaborative workshop for fair pay. We believe that if you want people to make premium-quality designer jewellery, you need to pay for premium-quality craftsmanship. 


Designer jewellery is expensive, but it shouldn’t be. You don’t pay for the price of the materials and the factory workers of big design labels are usually underpaid too, so why is it so much more expensive than fair companies like us? Margins. Often big designer jewellery brands will mark up by a factor of ten, meaning that you’re paying ten times what the piece cost to make. At Sacet, we calculate smaller margins and use the profit for good instead.


As well as offering all of our jewellers fair pay, the profit from each order is used to increase the welfare of their community. We invest the money into creating better healthcare, bettering the skills of our jewellery team and improving the quality of children’s education. We want the whole community to become empowered by Sacet’s work.

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