We’ve not built yet another factory but a workshop

We’ve not built
yet another factory
but a workshop


About the Workshop

Our aim is to create an environment, which helps craftspeople express their creativity and enriches their working lifestyle. That’s why our workshop was carefully designed with collaborative working areas, green spaces and some play areas too. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and become as sustainable as possible. Our workshop is located in an open green land and it’s clever construction allows natural light to be the primary source of daytime illumination, maximising electric lighting energy savings. We still use electricity but we are on the correct path to be solar energy powered. Our workshop meets our beliefs: Beauty Inside. Beauty Outside.

Ethically &
consciously crafted

FLYASH bricks

Our workshop was built using Fly Ash Bricks (FAB), an alternative to clay or concrete bricks that is made of fly ash. What is fly ash? They are lightweight particles produced by the burning of powdered coal – usually used in power plants -and carried into the air, contaminating the environment. Choosing these bricks, we save energy and minimise the mercury pollution.


We aim to become the first 100% carbon neutral jewellery-making workshop. We have already taken significant steps towards it. We have installed solar panels to power a large portion of our workshop with solar energy.


Collaborative working

Every piece of jewellery is hand-finished by trained craftspeople, using years of knowledge and skills that have often been passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to our open spaces and communal desks, our skilled artisans are able to work together, as a team, to create each of the intricate and beautiful jewellery pieces.

The Experience

“Our Factory environment is very motivational; it really allows us to operate as individuals while we still focus on succeeding as a team. It is great to be working at this company where I am able to use my knowledge and expertise and I can't wait to continue growing with Sacet.”


The making of our workshop

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