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We're not building yet another factory but a workshop

We're not buildingyet another factorybut a workshop

Our aim is to create an environment, which helps craftspeople express their creativity. The workshop is carefully designed with collaborative working areas, green areas and some play area too.

We aim to become the first 100% carbon neutral jewellery-making workshop. We have already taken significant steps towards it. For now, we will be installing solar panels to power a large portion of our workshop with solar energy. The workshop has been designed and constructed with a view to minimise our energy requirement.

Here, every piece of jewellery will be hand-finished by trained craftspeople, using years of knowledge and skills that have often been passed down from generation to generation, to create our intricate designs

The journey so far.

The start


the pillars

climbing up

Level 1

Climbing higher

reached altitude

Beauty inside, beauty outside


getting there...

stay tuned as we're building

stay tuned as we're building