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Different Types of Engagement Rings, Ring Settings and Styles

26 February 2024
Different Types of Engagement Rings, Ring Settings and Styles

Different Types of Engagement Rings, Ring Settings and Styles

Getting engaged is a special time in anyone's life, but there can be a lot of pressure when choosing the perfect engagement ring. With so many different styles and designs, it can be difficult to know which one will suit your partner best - especially if it's a surprise proposal.

The most important rule when choosing an engagement ring nowadays is to think about your partner's style and taste - whether they'd prefer something simple and classic or unique and eye-catching. The ring setting and style will greatly affect your chosen ring's comfort, visual impact, and wearability.

Before, we jumped into different types of engagement rings. We will learn the settings and styles terminology for the best understanding.

Get ready to sparkle with knowledge!

What is an Engagement Ring Setting?

Setting refers to the way gemstones are mounted onto a metal band. The ring setting is designed to showcase the beauty of an engagement diamond.

What is an Engagement Ring Style?

Style refers to the overall designs that a ring setting creates, such as solitaire, halo or three-stone. When you buy an engagement ring from an online jeweller, you can access a wider variety of ring types. At Sacet, we offer a wide range of ring types and styles.

Explore now the main types of engagement ring settings.

9 Types of Engagement Ring Settings

From traditional prongs to modern tension styles, discover how these settings accentuate the brilliance of both natural and lab grown diamonds. Here are different types of engagement ring settings.

Prong Setting

Prongs are small metal pieces securing gems in a ring. Classic prongs resemble beads around the centre gem, while claw prongs extend to a point for elegance. Most settings use four or six prongs for security; fewer than four are not recommended for ring stability.

Bezel Setting

If you or your partner has a very hands-on job or hobbies such as gardening, cleaning or construction, then a bezel setting ring will be best. This is one of the most secure ring settings as the diamond is anchored in place with a metal border rather than being raised on prongs or claws, meaning there is less risk of the stone being scratched or damaged. However, this does mean that less light will be able to hit the diamond, so it won’t sparkle as brightly. 

Channel Setting 

The channel setting is a classic look that’s similar to the pavé setting, where diamonds decorate the band. However, instead of having the stones set into the metal, a groove is created where the diamonds sit neatly in a row. This makes the ring more durable as the stones are more securely in place and offer a seamless flow of diamonds leading to the centre stone.

Cathedral Setting 

The cathedral setting has been a popular engagement ring style for decades and is not likely to go out of fashion either, as it adds height to elevate the centre stone. Traditional and elegant, the curves of the band and the shank are made to resemble the tall arches of a cathedral, making it a very sophisticated choice.

Pavé Setting

Pavé is a type of bead setting where tiny diamonds or other gems are embedded into the band of the ring. This allows the ring to catch more of the light so it seemingly glows on your finger. Ideal for those who love all things shiny and sparkly. Some people will choose to have the stones in the band as their partner’s or children’s birthstone for an even more meaningful and individual engagement ring.

Split Shank

A split-shank style engagement ring is very popular amongst celebrities, with both Beyonce and Blake Lively as proud owners. This style alters the band of the ring, splitting it in two on either side of the centre stone to give the ring a more antique look and feel. This type of styling can also make the centre stone look larger.

Tension Setting/ Pressure Setting

Unique and modern, the tension-setting ring style uses pressure to hold the main stone between two halves of the shank. This tension then gives the illusion of the diamond floating in midair, where the light can enter to display an unrivalled sparkle. For those who prefer things to be non-traditional, this type of ring is sure to be loved.

Flush Setting 

Flush setting, also known as gypsy setting, is a method where stones are set directly into the metal surface so they sit "flush" with the jewellery's exterior. This technique imparts a clean, smooth look, making the gem appear as if it's part of the metal itself.

Bar Setting

Bar setting is a method in which gemstones are secured between vertical metal bars, creating a seamless row of aligned gems. This technique not only emphasises the individual beauty of each stone but also adds a structured and organised aesthetic to the jewellery.

6 Types of Engagement Ring Styles

Where the modern appeal of lab grown diamonds combines with the classic brilliance of diamond engagement rings. Here are different types of engagement ring styles to help you find the perfect expression of love and commitment in your engagement ring choice.

Vintage Style 

Vintage jewellery is making a big comeback, especially in terms of engagement rings. The art deco style of the 1920s and 30s era has become very popular as these rings are beautifully crafted with a dramatic appearance that offers a unique vintage feel. Bold and daring, this type of ring style is ideal for those who love old-school glamour.

Three-Stone Style

Three-stone rings, or trilogy rings as they’re also known, are one of the most romantic choices of engagement rings as the lab grown diamond stones are symbolic of the past, present and future. This style of ring is also very versatile as you can have a choice of one large stone as the centre with two smaller stones or even a coloured centre stone accented with diamonds on the side for a dazzling effect.

Cluster Style

Rings with a cluster style are a great way to maximise sparkle and brilliance without going over budget. This style groups together several small diamond stones to create the same effect as one larger stone. With a cluster-style ring, you’ll then also have the option to go for a classic-looking style or something more modern and asymmetrical that will stand out from the crowd.

Solitaire Style

Timeless and traditional, the classic solitaire engagement ring style will never go out of fashion. If you’re really struggling with choosing a design, we guarantee you can’t go wrong with a solitaire. This style of ring showcases the beautiful diamond, no matter what shape it is, as a centrepiece mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting.

Halo Style

The halo style is one of the most popular engagement ring styles as it creates a dazzling shimmer with smaller diamonds that reflect light onto the centre stone for ultra-sparkle. This style of ring is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of glitz and glamour in their lives but still like a classic look. It's also a great setting if you have a coloured centre stone, as it provides a stunning contrast. 

Toi et Moi or Two-Stones Style

Two-stone rings, also known as "duet" or "Toi et Moi" rings, feature two equally sized stones set side by side, symbolising the coming together of two individuals or the harmony between two elements. These rings can be designed with different combinations of stones, such as two diamonds for a classic and sophisticated look, or a combination of diamond and gemstone for a pop of colour. 

Whether chosen as an engagement ring, anniversary gift, or simply as a meaningful piece of jewellery, a two-stone ring is sure to make a stylish statement while carrying a heartfelt message of harmony and togetherness.

Showcasing the Charms of Engagement Ring Styles and Settings 

As we've explored various engagement ring styles and settings, we've discovered a range from classic solitaires to intricate halo designs, each carrying its unique charm and significance. Whether you're inclined towards vintage-inspired settings or modern twists on traditional styles, the perfect ring awaits to symbolise your love story.

Explore our entire range of lab grown engagement rings at Sacet, which are conflict-free and are created using innovative, environmentally friendly techniques. Contact us today to begin your journey towards finding the perfect ring that reflects your values and celebrates your love.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the significance of the engagement ring's metal choice?

Metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold have different appearances and durability. You can choose based on your partner's style and skin tone.

How do I maintain and care for the diamond engagement ring?

Regular cleaning, professional check-ups, and proper storage are essential for keeping the ring in excellent condition over time.

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