Jewellery with a purpose

More than 1.3 billion people in the world still live in extreme poverty. Just let that sink in: 1.3 billion.

But, here’s the positive side. We’re on a journey to do something about it. And you’re welcome to join us. Our goal is this: we want to create jewellery with purpose – beautiful products that create a beautiful impact. That’s why we’ve set up a manufacturing company for our craftspeople and built an artisan workshop. It’s all funded, interest-free, until it becomes self-sustaining.

Better still, 100% of the manufacturing company profits will be used to provide our craftspeople and others with skills development, healthcare and children's education to help them live an enriched life.

It all begins with your purchase...


You place an order for a piece of custom-made designer jewellery with SACET.


Our craftspeople get an opportunity to work in an artisan workshop and craft your product while earning fair pay.


Beyond fair pay, the profit from every workshop is directly used towards the welfare of our craftspeople and their communities.


These empowered men and women train new craftspeople, helping us to further empower the communities they live in.

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