To Love & To Cherish: How to pick the right wedding ring in just three steps

To Love & To Cherish: How to pick the right wedding ring in just three steps

7th May 2020

Your wedding ring is a band with no start or end, symbolising the complete and whole commitment you are making to your loved one. It is no wonder that many people find it a challenge to select something that will perfectly match this sentiment. However, we have come up with a five-step process that will take the pressure off and enable you to make the right decision. 

  1. The style

Selecting the right style is perhaps the most important decision when picking your wedding ring, as you will probably wear it for the rest of your life. Whilst it’s important to be free and creative in other areas, we recommend selecting something you know you will always like for your wedding ring. The most common styles to choose from are plain band, diamond, shaped and contemporary. We have some specific advice to discover the right style for you:

  • Consider the style of your engagement ring (if you have one) and select something that pairs with it nicely.
  • Take your time by looking at a style you like every day for a month before purchasing; if you start to dislike it, you’ll know it’s not right.
  • Trust your instinct; ultimately, your wedding ring is a symbol of your enduring love, so select something that speaks to that part of you.
  1. The metal

The metal of your ring is also a vital part of selecting your ring, and each type will look better depending on your skin tone and colourings. The best ways to decide which is best on you, is to reference the jewellery you already have and to try different metal variations on. We recommend selecting the same metal for your engagement ring and wedding ring, as different metals could clash in appearance and will also age differently.

It is also important to consider the meaning of each precious metal before deciding on which is right for you. Since ancient times, humans have attached spiritual meaning and symbols to metals, so perhaps do some research to see if one resonates with you.

  1. The size

Many people’s major concern is selecting the right size for their wedding ring; however, this is one of the simpler steps involved. If you have a ring that already fits perfectly, then take a look at our online ring size guide, or if you need to make a new sizing, request one of our free ring sizers.

Our advice is to size your ring when your hands are comfortably at room temperature because when your hands are too hot or too cold, they will fluctuate in size. It is also important to do a sizing when you have been resting for a good period of time, if you have just been exercising or lifting something heavy your hands will swell because of the increased blood pressure.  If you are on any regular medication this may be something important to consider, and perhaps ask your doctor if they have any swelling side effects.

Ultimately, try to select a size that gives a little bit of resistance but can be removed with a gentle wiggle and/or twist.

Selecting your wedding ring is an important decision, it is a piece of jewellery that you will most likely wear for the rest of your life. We hope that our three pieces of advice have given you some peace of mind, but remember to trust your instinct and select something that speaks to you.

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