Lab-Grown Diamonds: What? + Why?

Lab-Grown Diamonds: What? + Why?

7th May 2020

Diamonds are amongst the most sought-after materials on the planet. These perfectly formed stones are beautiful, resilient and extremely valuable. Unfortunately, these attributes drive a highly competitive mining industry which isn’t sustainable or ethical. Sacet refuses to support this industry. Enter: Lab-grown diamonds.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to their counterparts in nature. The pure carbon used to make these stones results in them sharing the exact same physical and chemical properties as an earth-mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are grown in advanced laboratory environments which replicate the same conditions which form under the Earth’s crust. This process crystallises pure carbon into an isotropic 3D form to create perfectly formed diamonds.

This process all starts from a tiny carbon seed. This single seed is placed into a carbon-rich chamber of heat and pressure which duplicates the natural method which takes place deep within the Earth’s surface. The diamond is left in this environment for between six and ten weeks to mature. When this is complete, the stone is ready to be cut and polished. It’s really that simple.

We work alongside the best laboratories in the world to ensure that we can bring the best, ethically-sourced lab-grown diamonds to our jewellery. Our diamonds are Type IIa rated which means that they are of a better quality than 98% of Earth-mined diamonds. They are also entirely eco-friendly as they do not disturb natural land structures and use far less water (18.5 litres are used to create one of our 1-carat diamonds compared to the 126 gallons used for every 1-carat Earth-mined diamond).

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

We use lab-grown diamonds because we have a passion for people and the planet. We create sustainable and conflict-free jewellery by working alongside diamond laboratories, using recycled metals, and collaborating with our team of expert craftspeople. We believe that the beauty of each piece should reflect the beauty of our approach. We are proud of our methods because we are conscious of the effects that diamond mining has on communities and their surroundings.

It’s sadly very simple: diamond mining preys on the poor and destroys the natural environment. A high percentage of the diamonds you see in high-street jewellery stores across the country are gained through exploitive operations, unfortunately. Diamond moguls pay their workers less than a pound each day, extensively use child labour, cause conflict amongst communities and use methods which disrupt the planet’s biodiversity.

To reduce these numbers and bring peace back to these parts of the world, we need change. Essentially this change must start with you. If you support lab-grown diamonds, you are taking a positive step towards making a difference. Sacet is already committed to this.

Our aim is to produce the best jewellery in the world with lab-grown diamonds, because we don’t think that beauty should come at a cost – to anyone or anything. We collaborate as a team to create our premium, ethical jewellery. Be a part of the change, not the problem – choose lab-grown.

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