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Select three designs to try at home for five days and we'll ship the sample products to you for free, (including return shipping!).

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Order the one you like to get it custom made. Just for you.

3 Return the samples

Once the five days are up, simply return your box in the mail with the prepaid return label. That's it!

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Have a question about our FREE HOME TRIAL?

What is the Free Home Trial service?

We want to help you choose jewellery that you absolutely love. It’s so important to try a piece of jewellery before you decide to own it forever. Before you make your decision, we want you to be completely sure. So, our Free Home Trial service allows you to see or try on three designs in the comfort of your own home for five days. We encourage you to wear them, flaunt them, get opinions from friends and family before deciding the one (or more!) that you would like to be custom made.

Can I use the Free Home Trial service if I live outside the UK?

The Free Home Trial service is currently available to UK customers only.

Can I buy the Free Home Trial products?

These are just samples and are not available for sale. We know they look quite real, but they're not the real thing!

Is the Free Home Trial free?

Your Free Home Trial is absolutely free (including shipping and returns). However, for security purposes, we require a security deposit just in case we do not receive your Free Home Trial samples within the agreed time frame or if they are returned damaged. We will charge £99 per sample, which will be totally refunded when we receive the samples back.

When do I have to return my Free Home Trial samples?

Please return your samples in the pre-paid envelope provided within five days following receipt to avoid any charges. If your Free Home Trial period ends on a weekend or holiday, just post it on the next available working day. If you need an additional day or so, just email us at [email protected] to let us know.

How many Free Home Trial products can I select?

You can select up to three designs to try out.

Can I select the same products in different colours?

Yes, absolutely.

I can’t find the product for my specific size?

At the moment, we have only a few standard sizes for Free Home Trial. We will constantly add more sizes in the future.

Can I order multiple Free Home Trials?

You can only order one free Home Trial at a time. You can order another one after all samples from an existing Free Home Trial are returned.

Do you clean the Free Home Trial samples once they’ve been returned?

Yes. We use an ultrasonic cleaning technique (described below) to professionally clean all of our Free Home Trial samples before sending them out.

Whilst we are confident that all of our Free Home Trial samples are professionally cleaned and safe to re-use, use of these items is at your personal discretion and risk.

What about pierced jewellery?

We include pierced jewellery in our Free Home Trial service and whilst we professionally clean all Free Home Trial jewellery before sending them out we advise you not to wear the pierced jewellery samples.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

We use an Ultrasonic Cleaner which is a professional device which penetrates the high frequency ultrasound energy deep into cracks, holes, recesses to professionally clean and remove all traces of tightly fit germs and greasy substances.

Whilst we are confident as to the high hygienic standards of our Free Home Trial samples, use is at the customers own risk and we advise customers NOT to wear pierced jewellery samples.

Please refer to our Sacet Terms of Use www.sacet.com/terms-of-use for further information.

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