Each piece is undeniably luxurious, exclusive and – because it is custom made especially for you – utterly unique. Yet, we think that such beauty should be enjoyed by the many, not the few. That is why we have carefully considered every aspect of the process to bring you the very finest jewellery - directly from the craftsperson – at a fairer price.

From the craftsperson To you.

SACET is saying goodbye to the middleman. Our jewellery comes straight to you from the craftsperson. Why? Because no middleman means a fairer deal for all involved. You simply don't pay several companies in between.

We'll also tell you who's made your custom jewellery – so you can find out more about the craftsperson behind it!

Elegantly designed. Exquisitely hand-crafted.

We work with some of the most talented jewellery designers, both experienced and emerging talent. This allows us to constantly surprise you with beautiful new designs while keeping prices accessible without the need to follow the industry’s long-established approach of marking-up by a factor of 10.


Our web-based sales approach allows you to bypass the retailers and keep the prices low. We know how important it is to try a piece of jewellery before you decide to own it forever. So, we’ve introduced our free home trial. Simply select up to three designs. We send you three sample pieces to try at home for five days. We’ll even ship them to you for free.

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