Lab Grown Diamond Drop Pendants

Shimmering like water droplets, these dazzling drop lab grown diamond pendants have been handcrafted to perfection. Made alongside a professional team of jewellers, every diamond in this collection has been created using groundbreaking technology that refuses to compromise on quality. Unlike most natural diamonds, our lab-grown diamonds offer an ethical, sustainable and high-quality alternative. Have a browse through our drop diamond pendants today.

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6 Products
  • Aphrodite

    From £691 - £2,019

    Out of Stock

  • Rivka

    From £545 - £1,488

    Out of Stock

  • Jaelynn

    From £518 - £1,593

    Out of Stock

  • Chrysallis

    From £518 - £1,400

    Out of Stock

  • Jaycee

    From £545 - £1,943

    Out of Stock

  • Amayah

    From £1,090 - £1,947

    Out of Stock


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