Will You? Our unique proposal ideas

Will You? Our unique proposal ideas

7th May 2020

There are a few moments in life that remain with you. One of them is the eternal commitment of love you make to your partner. For those that want their proposal to be something out of the ordinary, we’ve got some unique proposal ideas for you.

Nature walk

When we walk in nature, we often feel a sense of peace and harmony within ourselves and with the world around us. You could incorporate the feeling that nature brings you – a feeling of life – and tell your loved one that they give you that same feeling. Bringing the natural world and the inner world together for a proposal is a really organic, loving way to propose.

Sand message

A sunset walk on a quiet beach provides a beautiful backdrop for a proposal. For a slightly cheeky twist, you could suggest a drawing competition where you have to guess each other’s sand pictures. After drawing for a while, you can write a message that you want to lead to your proposal. It could be something as simple as a ring, or ‘will you marry me?’ – it’s a light-hearted yet romantic way to show someone they mean the world to you.

Relive the beginning

The first date will be a precious moment for the both of you – it has led you to the moment you are at today, where you wish to spend the rest of your life with the person. A great way to propose this eternal bond is to relive that date. To avoid the surprise being too obvious, we suggest incorporating elements rather than replicating them. For example, if you went for a meal out, don’t go to the same restaurant. However, do try to replicate moments like spilling a drink or a cute thing you said etc. What better place to start a new life together than reliving the beginning?

Capture the moment

For those that want a more elaborate proposal this is a great choice. This idea works in any situation that taking a picture of the two of you would be appropriate. Simply, take a photo yourselves and then suggest to your partner that you should ask someone to take one of you both. When you’re in position, make a quick swivel and propose to your loved one. This creates an element of surprise and also captures the moment forever.

Pet proposal    

When you get married, a new life begins in which you share life together as one. A wonderful way to symbolise this is to add a new member to your family in the form of a pet. At some point in the first few moments of the pet’s arrival to your home, put a ring on its collar and ask your partner what it is – they’re sure to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the moment.

The ring

The uniqueness of your marriage proposal is an essential part of the moment but another key detail is the ring that is meant to symbolise your commitment. At Sacet, we believe that the outward beauty of the ring should reflect the inner beauty of your heart. That’s why all our engagement rings are luxurious, sustainable and conflict-free. Each handcrafted piece is designed individually from the finest recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds by our team of artisan jewellers.

A proposal symbolises the beginning of a new stage of life, so it’s important to make it unique. Ultimately, this relies on incorporating the beautiful intricacies of your relationship into a perfect moment. We hope our suggestions help but it’s important to listen to your own heart and let it guide you.

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