A Summer of Love: Five Proposal Ideas for Summer

A Summer of Love: Five Proposal Ideas for Summer

19th October 2020

We all want that special moment to be totally unique, powerful and authentic. However, the added restrictions of COVID-19 have made it even more difficult to create the right proposal. Despite all that’s happening in the world, there’s no need to stress. We’ve come up with five fantastic proposal ideas perfectly suited to summer so you can organise a once in a lifetime proposal. 

Beside a woodland lake

A lake shrouded by the woods is a romanticist’s dream. Find a calm clear evening, an ideal space by the water and collect some dim lights to cement the atmosphere. With the sun setting and stars starting to flicker, proposing while beside the water can be a tranquil, intimate and beautiful experience for both of you.


Stuck in the city? Rooftops can offer a beautiful backdrop to a proposal on a warm summer’s evening. If you want to keep things traditional with a luxury meal, a rooftop table surrounded by fairy lights is the perfect choice.

On the hills

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city can add that extra layer of intimacy to your proposal,  especially after everyone’s been inside for months. What better time to do that than summer? Lay out a lavish picnic after a long walk on the hills to craft that special intimate atmosphere. A trip to the Cotswolds is only an hour and a half train journey away and can offer a stunning stage for your proposal.

By the beach

Taking a trip to a secluded beach can be the ideal space for a marriage proposal. Pick one of those rare sunny days and do your best to avoid the crowds (we’d recommend heading to the beautiful Dorset coast). Go for a dip in the water and pop the question while you drift back to shore. Just make sure you hold onto your pockets and don’t drop the ring!


What better way to reflect that special moment than blooming, blossoming flowers? With flowers, the proposal possibilities are endless, while also suiting the summery season down to a tee. Why not create a heart-shaped private petal space in your local park or spell out your proposal question in roses? Making the moment magnificent is possible with flowers, so have a chat with your local florist and get creative.

As you can see, despite the negativity of 2020, it’s still possible to build the perfect proposal. We understand that the weight of a proposal can feel heavy, but follow our ideas and you’ll be able to craft a moment to cherish. We’re declaring this one the summer of love.

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