Our Favourite Ethical Necklaces and Pendants

Our Favourite Ethical Necklaces and Pendants

3rd March 2021

With a variety of stunning styles and dazzling designs, diamond necklaces and pendants can offer that finishing touch to a gorgeous outfit. Whether you’re looking to spoil that special someone or just want to treat yourself, an exquisite ethical pendant is a perfect piece to choose. To help you out, we’ve got together our top five favourite ethical necklaces and pendants. 

Tennis necklace pendants

Jewellery styles don’t come more classic than tennis necklaces. Fusing timeless, traditional designs with a contemporary charm, tennis necklaces have the ability to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. These gorgeous necklaces are ideal for any occasion and act as the perfect piece to add some much-needed dazzle to a show-stopping look.

Heart-shaped necklaces 

What better way to reflect your love than with an ethical heart-shaped necklace? Available in rose, yellow and white gold, heart-shaped designs are a beautiful way to present your love to that special someone. With our ethical jewellery, that heartfelt essence is handcrafted deep within the piece itself using dazzling lab-grown diamonds and sustainably sourced, recycled materials.

Rose gold pendants 

If you can’t decide between gold and silver, rose gold could be your saviour. Whether worn solo or with other jewellery, gorgeous rose gold pendants can offer some variety to your overall look. The traditional yet modern look of rose gold has become a staple in the world of fashion, offering a deep, warm and seductive contrast to other pieces.

Princess cut necklaces

Adding a touch of regality to your look could never be a bad thing. Princess cut pendant necklaces are perfect for those fancy dinner nights. The classic princess cut also works well with more modern styles due to an emphasis on brilliance. If you’re keen to add some variety to your look, a princess cut necklaces could be the final piece of the puzzle for your outfit.

Cluster pendants

Diamond cluster pendants offer you a truly exquisite alternative. Delicately handcrafted in artisan workshops, cluster pendants feature a varied arrangement of beautiful lab-grown diamonds. For those looking for some extra shine, cluster pendants are specifically designed to radiate that stunning sparkle both day and night.

All of our jewellery, including pendants and necklaces, have been delicately and individually handcrafted in our own artisan workshops. Each piece is made with recycled metals and dazzling lab-grown diamonds to create distinctly unique ethical radiance. Browse through our collections today and find a diamond pendant necklace to fit your tastes.

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