Bespoke: Our guide to designing your own custom Sacet pieces

Bespoke: Our guide to designing your own custom Sacet pieces

7th May 2020

Creating anything from your own imagination is a rewarding experience. It requires you to look inside yourself, to consider who you are and how you see the world around you. This is ultimately fuelled by the things that inspire you: your thoughts and dreams, emotions and senses. At Sacet, we’re passionate about collaborating with you to take this inspiration and turn it into your own unique piece. We work alongside the jewellers in our artisan workshops to make sure that we can provide this bespoke experience.

  1. Share your ideas

The first stage of any collaboration is sharing. We want you to talk us through your idea, so we can understand the best way for it to come to life. It doesn’t matter if you have detailed plans or vague ideas, we’re here to help you realise your vision.

In this stage we will ask you to discuss shapes, styles and detailing to help us create sketches from your words.

  1. Design and approval

Once we have absorbed as much as your idea as possible, we will create a CAD design. A CAD design is created on a computer so you can see your imagination fleshed out into a 3D digital image. Each design is organically created from the notes and sketches we have from the initial discussion process.

If you choose to approve this design, we will place your order immediately.

  1. Creation of your piece

Our team of artisans will handcraft recycled metals and cultured diamonds into your creation. We put individual care and attention into making your piece, so that we know it will live up to the dream inside your mind. No detail is missed.

  1. Realisation and delivery

Once your piece has been completed, it will require approval from each member of our crafting team before we deem it ready to send to you. We are passionate about each piece that we create, and this approval process ensures that your piece reflects this passion. As soon as this has happened, your creation will be delivered to you.

Every stage in the journey from the conception of your piece to its realisation is vital to your bespoke experience. Our jewellers aim to take their craft and match it to the beauty of your imagination. The creation of each piece maintains this standard so that you receive jewellery that has been made especially by us, for you.

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