Jewellery Buying Guide

Lab-made diamonds last forever so when purchasing one it is important to know and understand the characteristics and specifications you need to pay attention to, in order to maximise the quality, brilliance and beauty of your ethical and conflict-free diamond.

We know that it can be an intimidating experience so we have created a simple and easy to understand guide explaining the important things that will help you choose the perfect lab-grown diamond.

Diamonds University
Diamonds Carat

Carat weight refers to the actual
weight of the diamond.

Diamonds Carat

Shape refers to the overall look of a diamond. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes.

Diamonds Carat

Refers to how clear a diamond is and is evaluated based on the number of inclusions or blemishes.

Diamonds Colour

Refers to the shade or hue of a diamond. It is graded on a scale of D-Z with D being colourless and Z yellow.


Diamond Cut

Refers to the way a diamond has been cut and proportioned to reflect light.

Diamonds Certificate

Refers to the document that is used to record a given diamond's specifications.

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