Engagement Ring Guide

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for the one you love can feel like a daunting prospect. Learn everything you need to know, such as how to choose the best diamond for your budget, in our engagement ring guide.

So you’re ready to pop the all-important question but you are understandably nervous. From rehearsing the speech, understanding how to pick an engagement ring, to planning the perfect setting to propose, it can be a daunting moment for even the most discerning amongst us.

The ring is an important element of the proposition, a symbol of everlasting love which is designed to be shown off to friends and family as you announce the exciting news. This is why we have put together a comprehensive engagement ring buying guide to help you make a more informed decision, freeing up more time to plan that special moment.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

For most people, budget is important. There are a number of myths involved when it comes to how much you should spend on an engagement ring. The age-old rule being that you should spend between one to three month’s wages, however, we believe in following a budget that you are comfortable with and which works for you.

What should I consider when choosing an engagement ring?

Choosing “the ring” should be a truly personal experience, where style is carefully considered to create the design of your partner’s dreams. There are a few key questions to ask yourself before you begin your search for the perfect match.

What jewellery do they wear?

It is a good idea to take notice of what jewellery your partner already wears, if any at all. For those who like to swap and change their accessories based on trends opt for a traditional engagement ring, such as the classic solitaire or princess cut, which will work with every look they pull together. For those who tend to wear the same pieces every day, try choosing a more creative design which will fit with the styles they are already used to wearing.

How active are they?

How active your partner tends to be should have an impact on the type of ring you choose. If they are very active, we recommend opting for a classic solitaire in a secure bezel setting to avoid damage to the ring. Whereas if they are moderately or less active, a bigger stone could be used.

Do you know their ring size?

If you are planning a surprise proposal it can be tricky to find your partner’s ring size. The simplest way to avoid this is to “borrow” a ring they already wear. For example, if you borrow a ring which your partner wears on their middle finger, simply go down a size or two to find the correct fit for their ring finger. Another way to find out their size is to simply ask! Why not try dropping the question casually, for example, when you are next near a jewellery store.

How do I choose the best diamond for my budget?

Style and substance are paramount when it comes to diamond rings as there is no point in choosing a beautiful design if you then select a diamond which is low in quality. We advise selecting the highest quality diamond for your budget and one which complements your chosen design. Things to consider are the all-important 4 C’s:

Carat - the weight of the diamond, the larger the carat the heavier the diamond.

Clarity - the assessment of imperfections within and on the surface of the diamond, those with the least defects have a higher clarity grading.

Cut - how well the diamond has been cut, proportional well-cut diamonds deliver the highest amount of sparkle.

Colour - the colour of the diamond which ranges from clear (desirable) to a brown or yellow tone (undesirable), the colour grading scale ranges from D-Z with D considered the clearest diamond.

You can take a look at our diamond education guide if you are still unsure on what to look out for.

What should I consider when choosing band material?

Precious metals have different qualities and properties, so it is important to consider these alongside what jewellery your partner already wears. You will want the engagement ring to complement or match their current jewellery pieces.

Platinum - a durable metal which pairs perfectly with diamonds and coloured gems.

Yellow gold - a traditional precious metal great for those who tend to wear gold jewellery every day.

White gold - possibly the most popular gold metal type due to it’s elegant and versatile tone.

Rose gold - a fashionable metal which has become increasingly popular due to it’s pretty blush hue.

If you are still unsure, platinum is a great option due to its versatile tone and durability. Find out more with our metal guide.

How long does it take to get an engagement ring?

So you have chosen the ring and you’re keen to see the final product. On average it takes around four to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the ring, for the jeweller to finalise everything. It is best to double-check with your jewellery provider though to be sure. Once you have the ring all you need to do is to pop that all-important question. No matter how you choose to propose just make sure it is unique, personal and most of all memorable. Discover our selection of diamond engagement rings.

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