• Ornate


    We provide elegant, custom crafted designer jewellery. Our statement pieces are embellished with a feminine touch. Explore square stoned pendants, geometric earrings and garnet bead bracelets. This range offers charm and sophistication for millennial women. Designed by Alisa Mackie, the Ornate range is minimalist yet with a degree of artistic flair. These pieces can be worn alone or styled with other jewellery for a bolder look.

    By Ailsa Mackie

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  • Orbis


    Discover our collection of intricate jewellery. These pieces are punctuated with visual tones and elegant clusters. Find hand-crafted pendants, rings and bracelets, many of which were completed with smoky quarts and rich blue lapis stones. All materials are ethically produced, and the designs are brought to you by Ana De Costa. Each design offers a touch of luxury and unique style.

    By Ana De Costa

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  • Marque


    Our Marque jewellery collection ranges from diamond pendants and bangles, to curved ripple rings. Designed by Andrea Tan, these beautiful pieces offer subtle elegance. They are sophisticated, specially crafted for timeless luxury. Many of these pieces feature pave set diamonds, adorned with simple colours. From angelic earrings to loop pendants, you can enjoy a beautiful experience with our designer jewellery.

    By Andrea Tan

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  • Belle


    Enhance your style with our collection of delicate jewellery. This collection offers beautiful earrings, asymmetric pendants and smooth opal rings. They are crafted using ethically polished materials. These designs are detailed, drawing attention to the stylish mix of stones. Our jewellery has been completed with the most remarkable gemstones. They are hand-finished and feature layered silhouettes. Simple elegance.

    By Charlotte Pittel

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  • LUJA


    Discover our Lujia accessories collection. This range of jewellery has a beautiful contemporary finish that is perfect for accessorising in a modern way. Each piece is consciously crafted in our artisan workshop using recycled metals. Our range of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces can be customised to suit your taste.

    By Meng Zhang

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  • Classics


    Explore our classic accessories range. This elegant and timeless collection is crafted using intricate lab-created diamonds and recycled metals - for jewellery that is as ethical as it is luxurious. Each piece can be customised as you wish and is meticulously handcrafted by our artisan jewellers. Peruse our range to find your new everyday jewellery.

    By The Craftspeople

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