Your Special Day: Our ideas for a sustainable wedding

Your Special Day: Our ideas for a sustainable wedding

7th May 2020

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s a day where you invite the closest people in your life to share your love. We believe you should opt for sustainable choices where possible for your wedding, so you can give a bit back on your special day.

  1. Choose local

Making the conscious choice to source as much as possible locally is probably the most important element of a sustainable wedding. From the venue and the food, to the flowers and decorations, the fewer miles something has to travel to be part of the wedding, the less carbon footprint they carry with them.

  1. Choose intimate

This is a more emotional task, but holding an intimate wedding by limiting the number of guests is a great way to be more sustainable. It’s simple really – less guests require less travel, food and space. All of this will reduce the carbon output of your wedding. Plus, it encourages you to focus on who’s really important.

  1. Choose biodegradable confetti

The throwing of confetti is a timeless tradition that celebrates your union and imparts good luck onto your marriage. We highly recommend buying a bio-degradable version or drying out your own flower petals from home.

  1. Choose reusable attire

Fast-fashion is one of the biggest contributors to ecological damage. One way to fight against this is to select eco-friendly dresses and suits for your special day. You could adjust a family dress or suit and make it your own, which is a lovely way of incorporating family history into the occasion. You could shop second-hand, which would greatly reduce your footprint (and your price tag)! Lastly, you could opt for a wedding outfitters that is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly clothing. In any case, it’s best to try and select a dress or suit that can also be re-used after the event.

  1. Donate all the left-overs

Once your big day is over, there’s likely to be a lot of leftover stuff – whether it be food, decorations or flowers. Don’t let this stuff go to waste. You can donate any leftover food to local charities, you can take decorations (e.g. candleholders, vases) home with you, gift them to guests or donate them to charity shops, and you can take the flowers to local hospitals or make them into potpourri.

  1. Sustainable wedding rings

Your wedding ring is a symbol that will continue to act as a symbol of your marriage long after the occasion of your special day. It is probably the most special piece of jewellery that you will ever own. In order to make this a resonant symbol of love and unity, we believe you should choose a sustainable ring. Regardless of whether you choose our range of rings, which are handcrafted from recycled metals and adorned with lab-grown diamonds, we believe that the outward beauty of your wedding band should reflect the inner beauty that it represents.

Your wedding day is an open declaration of love. We hope that by choosing sustainable options for your special day, you can share your love with the people that matter in as conscious a way as possible.

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