Written in the Stars: The Right Jewellery Choice for your Zodiac Sign

Written in the Stars: The Right Jewellery Choice for your Zodiac Sign

7th May 2020

Jewellery is more than just a fashion item - it says something about who we are and reflects this to the people around us. What better way to make the symbolism of jewellery count than to select something that aligns with your zodiac sign. Here are the top choices from Sacet.

Aquarius - (Garnet)

Aquarians are the generous givers and healers of the zodiac. There is no better choice for you than garnet jewellery. The red garnet gemstones carry a spiritual meaning which will bring you the prosperity and abundance that you deserve. Take a look at our Belle Stacked Garnet rings to truly treat yourself.

Pisces - (Amethyst)

Pisces is the ultimate water sign. Symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces can often have their attention caught between fantasy and reality. The soothing properties of an amethyst pendant around your neck is sure to balance your emotions and refocus that scatterbrain attention! Check out our amethyst range.

Aries - (Diamond)

Aries are bold, bright and ambitious. Like the rest of the fire signs, they are direct-thinkers that know what they want. Diamonds are the perfect choice for you. We would recommend something specific but we know that Aries know what they want and won’t settle for anything less. Find your perfect piece in our lab-grown diamond jewellery range.

Taurus - (Marque Aureole)

Just like their celestial animal - the bull - Taurus enjoy being in natural and relaxing environments. They like soothing sounds, sweet aromas and softer shapes. A fantastic choice for these genteel sentiments is our Marque Aureole earrings which feature delicate curves and subtle features.

Gemini - (Moonstone)

It is said that the Gemini celestial sign was so full of energy and stimulated by everything the skies and stars had to offer that it split itself into two - creating the twin star sign we know today. Geminis are bright and bubbly people that love being busy with friends and hobbies. To encourage creative energies to pursue all of these hobbies, a moonstone  piece is a perfect choice for you.

Cancer - (Malachite)

Cancers are represented by the crab that can move seamlessly between the sea and the shore. Cancers have the ability to move between the spiritual and material worlds. We’re sure that you’ve walked into a room and intuitively picked up a vibe - this is because of your celestial sign. A beautiful jewellery choice for you is our Ornate Malachite Charm Hoop Earrings - malachite is the ‘transformation stone’ which will make it easier to switch between your spiritual and earthly self.

Leo - (Onyx)

Leo is a fire sign represented by the lion - the strongest and most passionate member of the celestial family. Leos are prone to demanding attention and basking in the spotlight of their success - their confidence is said to be sexy. An onyx pendant is a perfect match - onyx is a powerful protection stone to ward off negative energy and keep your inner pride shining through.

Virgo - (Orbis Lapis)

Virgos are the most grounded people of the zodiac. Associated with the goddess of agriculture, Virgos have a logical approach and an appreciation for the systems of life. To rebalance your earthly affections, Orbis Lapis jewellery can help you connect with your spiritual side and help unleash emotions. Our personal favourite? The Orbis Lapis Cluster Ring.

Libra - (Opal)

The concept of balance and harmony is very important to Libras. They are represented by the scales and search for equilibrium in their lives, which often means a busy schedule of hobbies and time spent with different friend groups. Our Belle Opal rings are a wonderful choice for Libras - an occupational gemstone that encourages dynamism and humanitarian love.

Scorpio - (Citrine)

Scorpios are incredibly passionate and often get mistaken for a fire sign when they are actually a water zodiac. Scorpios get their strength from the emotional realm and are deeply connected with themselves and their feelings. Our Ornate Citrine Ring will help Scorpio’s to delve deeper into themselves and get to grips with their outlook and passions.

Sagittarius - (Orbis Lapis)

Sagittarius are always thirsty for knowledge, constantly on the chase for intellectual and spiritual adventure. Their celestial sign is an archer whose arrow is always aiming for something just out of reach. To help Sagittarius on their quest for new experiences, an Orbis Lapis pendant is a wonderful choice - helping them to embark on a new spiritual adventure.

Capricorn - (Rose Gold)

Capricorns (like their seat goat celestial sign) are hardy and ambitious workers that aren’t afraid of putting the effort in to reach their goals. After all the hard work you’ve put in, it goes without saying that you need to treat yourself. Need a suggestion? Our exquisite range of rose gold jewellery is a great place to start.

Jewellery is more than a fashion statement - it can help us to reflect our inner beauty and personality. Matching up to your zodiac sign is a great way to make that happen - take a look at our suggestions and we’re sure you’ll show the world what you’re all about.

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