Answered: Are Lab-Grown Diamonds more Ethical?

Answered: Are Lab-Grown Diamonds more Ethical?

4th December 2020

More and more people are discovering the extraordinary power of ethical jewellery, but there are still some common misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds. If you’re still unsure about ethical diamonds, we’ve got together a few frequently asked questions to help you understand just how important they really are.

Are lab-grown diamonds more ethical?

We’re happy to say that the answer is a categorical yes. Lab-grown diamonds are infinitely more ethical than natural diamonds.

All of the techniques and methods used when making lab-grown diamonds put humane, sustainable and forward-thinking production at the very heart of the process. Compared to the damaging and destructive tendencies of many mining companies, there’s no comparison when it comes to which is more ethical. 

What are ethically sourced diamonds?

In stark contrast to mined diamonds, ethically sourced diamonds have been carefully grown in laboratories using sustainable and humane methods.

Despite being grown in entirely different environments, lab-grown diamonds are identical in both chemical structure and appearance. This is because laboratory methods imitate the natural processes that occur deep beneath the surface of the earth, without the need for destructive mining. 

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

Ultimately, by choosing to buy lab-grown diamonds, you are deciding to support and promote jewellers that produce ethical pieces.

It’s important to bear in mind just how damaging mining diamonds can be for local communities and the planet as a whole. When you buy lab-grown diamonds instead of mined, you’re making the conscious decision to reject these abhorrent and dated methods of extraction. Voting with your wallet really does have an impact and that’s why you should always choose lab-grown.

How to know if a diamond is ethical?

The easiest way to know if a diamond is ethical is by investing in pieces from ethical brands, such as Sacet.

The methods of producing lab-created diamonds always follow the strictest ethical standards, giving you peace of mind. Lab-grown diamonds are the only way to be 100% sure that your diamonds have all been produced ethically. If you want to learn more, have a read through the processes

Where to buy ethically sourced diamonds?

Here at Sacet, we’re proud to have a huge selection of pieces featuring stunning lab-grown diamonds. 

From contemporary styles to more modern designs, we are fully committed to using the most exquisite lab- created diamonds possible. Each stone has been grown alongside an expert team of professional jewellers, ensuring that we maintain a high and consistent level of quality. Whatever piece you’re after, Sacet is the best place to buy ethically sourced diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds give you a profound decision to make. Choosing ethically and sustainably created diamonds over mined diamonds is one of the most effective choices you can make. The best part? The quality is even better.

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