Answered: What are Blood Diamonds?

Answered: What are Blood Diamonds?

11th November 2020

It is hard to imagine but some of the beautiful diamond jewellery pieces you see in jewellers may have funded a war, but that is the truth. Blood diamonds (or conflict diamonds) are diamonds that have been mined in war-zones and are used to finance conflict between opposing forces.

You may have first learnt of the term blood diamond on the news, in the newspaper or perhaps from films such as Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Di Caprio. You may also understand that rebel groups and military outfits fight over this precious resource, causing inhumane conditions and death amongst mining communities. However, what is harder to understand is the gravity and depth of destruction that blood diamonds have caused.

3.7 million lives - that is the estimated number of deaths that have resulted from blood diamond conflict. That’s not to mention the millions of lives that continue to be affected. 

Most people think of blood diamonds as a thing of the past when it was much harder to ignore. During the 1980s, an astounding estimate of 21% of all diamond production was being sold and distributed illegally to fuel conflict. This tore a huge hole through central Africa and governing bodies from across the world came together in an attempt to end the conflict.

One of the better-recognised of these bodies was the World Diamond Council and their scheme, the Kimberley Process. At the time, this caused great improvements across the continent and greatly reduced conflict. However, this wasn’t to last.

Countries such as Angola, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone are still feeling the incredibly damaging corruption of the blood diamond trade today.

In fact, as recently as a few years ago, diamond mines have been found to be using illegal child labour and violence in their operations. The Kimberley Process has also been found to be unsuccessful in stemming the flow of blood diamonds into the mainstream market. During this time, hundreds of millions of pounds-worth of blood diamonds could have been exported from Africa to be used on the European market.

To think that a precious stone in your engagement ring (which is meant to symbolise true love and commitment) could fuel civil wars in countries on a different continent doesn’t make sense to us. The only way for you to make sure that you are not giving a gift which contains a blood diamond is to opt for lab-grown diamonds - a sustainable and ethical alternative .

We established Sacet to offer an affordable and ethical jewellery option for those that share the belief that blood diamonds do not reflect the loving nature in which they are given. We believe that the beauty of your diamond jewellery should reflect the inner beauty of your soul, that’s why we cannot stand by the use of earth-mined diamonds. 

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