Answered - Should I Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Answered - Should I Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

19th October 2020

At Sacet, we understand that the weight of jewellery isn't just physical. Diamond jewellery is passed down generations and we believe that ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds should take up that precious position in your life.

Lab-grown diamonds are physically, optically and chemically identical to those that are mined from the earth. The industry has set the bar so high that the percentage of lab-grown diamonds that are of jewellery-quality is far higher than most earth-mined counterparts.

Everybody understands the deep-rooted, ecological and humanitarian effects of diamond mining and that’s why we have decided to stand up and make a difference. In contrast to mining, our exquisite lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced in collaboration with an expert team of specialists. Our diamonds are developed in laboratories that mirror the processes that create natural jewels in the earth’s mantle. Physically and chemically, our lab-grown diamonds are made of carbon, the same element as natural diamonds. 

Due to the nature of their formation, our diamonds are made 100% conflict free, without damaging local communities in the process. We can confidently say that during the creation of  our diamonds, there have been exactly zero casualties or injuries. The amount of water and land used is also drastically lower than mined diamonds, with 18.5 litres used to develop 1-carat in contrast to the 126 gallons of water exploited for each 1-carat Earth-mined diamond. Even more impressive is our commitment to only using recycled metals when designing and crafting our rings. As you can see, environmentally friendly methods are incredibly important to us and are just another advantage belonging to lab-grown diamonds.

With all these technologically advanced production costs, you would have thought lab-grown diamonds would be more expensive. We’re happy to say that is categorically not the case. For the same size and condition, our diamonds are much better value for money. With a smaller supply chain and the massive costs of mining, every diamond we create is available for a fantastic price when compared to natural diamonds. 

The peace of mind that comes with purchasing one of our lab-grown diamonds is like a weight lifted from your shoulders. Our progressive techniques deliver a humanitarian, ethical and environmentally friendly jewel that reflects beauty and not a tainted past. Whether you’re getting down on one knee or handing over a special present, those monumental moments should have an undeniable ethical radiance.

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