Sacet's Jewellery Care 101

Sacet's Jewellery Care 101

7th May 2020

If jewellery is looked after properly, it will bring you joy for many years. However, its precious nature means that it requires specific attention. Taking care of jewellery can be tasking, but it’s also rewarding to enjoy its unique shine and allure. We’ve highlighted some simple yet effective ways to maintain the beauty of your pieces.

Store properly

Bunching your jewellery together in a box and searching through it to find specific pieces, will lead to scratching and wearing on the metal – in addition to bracelets and necklaces getting tangled, causing breakages to clasp and attachments. It’s much better to store each in a compartmentalised jewellery box

Keep an eye on it

It’s important to be conscious of the areas of your jewellery which are more susceptible to damage. This is especially true of jewelled pieces, such as diamond rings. The claws which cradle the stone can loosen over time and may lead to it falling out. If you notice signs of this happening, you should take it to a jewellery professional.

Beware of chemicals and soaps

Chemicals and soaps are a part of everyday life, but your jewellery be exposed to them. Harsher solutions can lead to tarnishing and damage to the metal. Before you encounter these elements (such as when you wash your hands, do housework or go for a swim) you should remove your jewellery, and put it back on when you’re done.

Gentle clean

Cleaning your jewellery is vital to making sure that it maintains its lustre and sparkle, removing oils and other residues which dull its appearance. Whilst gold and silver dips are good on occasion, they are too abrasive to be performed regularly. We recommend using a gentle, natural soap solution with a soft cloth or toothbrush to clean your jewellery and keep its shine.

Wear it right

Wearing your pieces is actually a good way of keeping them from damage. Regular wear can slow down the tarnishing process and prevent against discolouration. However, it’s important that you wear it appropriately: that means taking it off during activities that might lead to it getting knocked or damaged, such as gardening or playing sport.

Beautiful jewellery is an outward reflection of your inner beauty, and should be treated as such. It’s important that you take ownership of your jewellery, treating every piece as a precious item. With regular attention and upkeep, your jewellery will continue to provide beauty, lustre and shine for many years to come.

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