Right Choice: Selecting the perfect jewellery for her

Right Choice: Selecting the perfect jewellery for her

7th May 2020

When it comes to the task of selecting jewellery for the woman in your life, there are a considerable number of elements that have to come together to make the perfect choice. For those that need a gentle steer in the right direction, we’ve got some guidance to offer.

It’s important to begin with what you’re trying to say with the piece that you’re selecting. This should ultimately be inspired by the person, and the relationship you have with them. If your relationship is still blooming, it might be best to avoid overly lavish choices. This might give off the wrong impression and make her feel uncomfortable. Choosing earrings or a necklace in their style is a better option than a ring, in this case. If your relationship is more developed, then perhaps it might be the time to make a bolder statement, in which case involving a detail that lets her know you understand her, is important – an inscription or birthstone are two strong choices.

Personalising the jewellery that you select for a woman always comes down to an awareness of their personal tastes. To perform this to the best of your ability, you should take note of the kind of jewellery pieces she already wears – for example, it’s unlikely that a woman who wears rings and no other jewellery would appreciate a necklace. The style they embody is also an important factor – this can be slightly tricky to decipher, but ultimately you should try to recognise the essential elements. Does she wear dainty, delicate jewellery or bold, statement jewellery? Does she like modern, contemporary designs or classic, vintage designs? If you’re struggling with this element, ask her close friends or family for their view.

The last, and perhaps one of the most crucial parts to selecting the right jewellery piece, is to consider the metal and/or stone you are going to incorporate into the ring. It’s important that you consider the type of metal that they are already wearing – usually people prefer one metal colour over another. Taking some consideration to the stone is also a vital aspect. Whilst it might not be advised for a gesture that isn’t intended to be romantic, diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend. Whichever metal and stone you choose, it’s important to know it quality and origins – being mindful of where and how many jewellery materials are sourced, is a large part of being proud of your selection.

Selecting the perfect jewellery piece for a woman involves many different aspects that can seem daunting when you initially begin your journey. Therefore, our parting piece of advice is to take your time – that’s not to say you can’t be instinctive, but taking everything into consideration before you make your selection will make the piece more meaningful, both for the lucky woman you are gifting it to, and for yourself.

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