Mother Nature: Five ways to get back in touch with the Earth

Mother Nature: Five ways to get back in touch with the Earth

7th May 2020

The Earth provides us with everything we need to survive, yet many of us are unable to find time to appreciate its inherent beauties. Whilst the modern world is wonderful, it has disrupted our relationship with nature. At Sacet, we see nature as a very important component in staying spiritually and mentally grounded. Here are five ways to begin your journey.

Walk in the rain

We spend an extraordinary amount of our time, trying to shield ourselves against the elements – raincoats and umbrellas are two of our main tools that remove us from experiencing the weather. At the same time as it is important to protect our health against extreme rain and cold, it’s also vital that we experience and accept it too. After all, rain is what makes our soil fertile for all the food we eat.

Going for a walk in the rain is a beautiful way to reconnect with the weather. The next time it is raining, and you are either hiding away indoors or walking hurriedly with your whole body tensed against the raindrops, relax and walk freely. Accept that the weather will happen with or without your efforts and you will begin to realise that getting caught in the rain is a beautiful, freeing sensation that is a natural part of life.

Grow your own food

In modern society, we are so reliant on supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways to feed us. Often, we use these outlets so excessively, that we become removed from our food and where it comes from.

Growing your own food is a fantastic way to gain some understanding of how our food grows and gives us the appreciation of the cycle of birth, life and death. The journey from seeding to reaping is a rewarding experience that teaches us to care for something other than ourselves, to communicate with nature and to gain the rewards of honest labour.

Draw, paint or write a natural scene

When we think of a tree, an image almost instantly appears in our minds. However, the image is so generalised that it hardly reflects a real tree at all. Being aware of nature’s beauty is a state of mind.

A great way to tune in to the nature around you is to sit down and draw, paint or write down the features of a natural scene. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, it is the practice of appreciation that is important. This exercise demands that you to take in the minute and exquisite details of the scene; to appreciate the individual feeling of the place you are capturing.

Make a nature diary

It has become common for us to associate the seasons with our outfits – spring dresses, summer shirts, autumn jumpers and winter coats, these are the unnatural signifiers we use to acknowledge the annual cycle.

A much more fulfilling way is to recognise the changes in our weather, is to make a nature diary. You can do this in any way you choose, but we recommend making a few points of focus to really recognise the beauty of the natural life cycle.

Once you begin to note down the appearance and feel of the changes that happen in nature, you will feel more connected with it – it’s journey will be more entwined with yours.

Sleeping outdoors

Sleeping outdoors (e.g. going camping) is a wonderful way of reconnecting with nature. Sleeping outdoors physically and mentally immerses you in the noises and sensations of nature, which will fill your subconscious as you sleep. Your awareness and senses will be heightened when you wake up – not having to rely on the usual modern luxuries first thing in the morning, will give you time to truly enjoy and experience the start of a new day.

Reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to spiritually and mentally ground ourselves. Once we can appreciate the movements of nature, we will have more direction in our own journeys and be more thankful for the things that modern life provides us. Modern life is a fantastic thing, but remember – without nature, nothing would be possible.

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