The Most Popular Celebrity Engagement Rings

The Most Popular Celebrity Engagement Rings

29th September 2022

Whether you get regularly absorbed in the life of the Kardashians, or couldn’t care less about what Ariana Grande was wearing to the Met Gala, celebrity style and culture influences a lot of our daily lives. From recreating their favourite meals to following the latest trends and, of course, getting some much-needing wedding inspiration, celebrity influence can be found everywhere. And this includes engagement rings!

We spoke to Sacet’s Diamond Expert, James Harris, to find out the value of the most-Googled celeb engagement rings and how much they would cost to recreate using lab-grown diamonds. Whether you’ve been pining after J-Lo’s iconic ring or fancy your own crown jewel, these are the valuations for the lab-grown and mined diamond versions of the celeb rings, with expert commentary on why the rings might be so sought after.

Top searched: Megan Fox

The proposal: January 2022

The ring: A dual-stone piece on 2 interwoven bands

Mined valuation: £350k

Lab-grown valuation: £75k

Savings: £275k

“It’s no surprise that this piece is the most interesting to the public. With its intricate design, Megan’s ring is completely unique.

The centrepiece is two teardrop gems, one emerald and one diamond, and it seems the band is also adorned with small diamonds.

Our fascination with the ring may have also come from the controversy surrounding the couple. Megan Fox’s fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, has said the engagement ring is designed with thorns, so it hurts ‘if she tries to take it off’.”

2. Kourtney Kardashian

The proposal: October 2021

The ring: A stunning oval-shaped diamond

Mined valuation: £865k

Lab-grown valuation: £140k

Savings: £725k

“A return to the classic oval is Kourtney Kardashian’s popular ring. This piece is perhaps so searched for because of the infamous proposal from Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker. The beach, covered in traditional red roses, was the perfect setting to gift a classic clarity diamond.”

3. Meghan Markle

The proposal: November 2017

The ring: Three diamonds set on a narrow gold band

Mined valuation: £300k

Lab-grown valuation: £125k

Savings: £175k

“A very different design to that of the #1 result, is Megan Markle’s classic design. Set in a simple gold band, this ring has 3 core diamonds, cut into soft square shapes.

The ring holds sentimental value for the couple, which is perhaps what makes the public marvel at it so. The jewels previously belonged to her fiancé, Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. The personal touches don’t stop there - the centre diamond is from Botswana, a place said to be special to the iconic couple.”

4. Kate Middleton

The proposal: October 2010

The ring: 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds

Mined valuation: £400k

Lab-grown valuation: £45k

Savings: £355k

“Beautiful and unique is this gorgeous ring, worn on the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge. This is not the first famous figure to wear this ring, however - as this was once the engagement ring of his mother, Princess Diana.

The core stone is a large oval sapphire, surrounded by 14 smaller diamonds. The band is simple and gold, making this ring a classic combination of colours, truly fit for a princess.”

5. Jennifer Lopez

The proposal: April 2022

The ring: 8.5-carat natural green diamond flanked by a pair of white diamonds.

Mined valuation: £6m

Lab-grown valuation: £2.5m

Savings: £3.5m

“Unsurprisingly, J-Lo’s ring is all about the flash. Her centre diamond is an oversized square, in an interesting pale-green shade. This piece is extremely rare and unique, perfect for her second ring from Affleck, considering the tough act to follow after her pink Harry Winston in 2002.”

6. Ariana Grande


The proposal: December 2020

The ring: An oval-shaped diamond paired with a pearl and set on a platinum band.

Mined valuation: £300k

Lab-grown valuation: £140k

Savings: £160k

“Ariana’s engagement ring has similar elements to Megan Fox’s, which is perhaps an indication as to why it’s so popular.

“The centrepiece is two different stones, one oval diamond and a pearl - a unique feature for an engagement ring. This is Ariana’s second engagement, which may be why she opted for such an eccentric style.”

7. Blake Lively

The proposal: 2004

The ring: A solitaire-set oval pink diamond

Mined valuation: £1.7m

Lab-grown valuation: £70k

Savings: £1.3m

“This simple oval cut is proving popular among the top spots, beloved by the celebrities and public alike. Her stone, unlike some of the other classic styles, features a faintly coloured diamond. The subtle blush shade gives the ring a truly romantic feel and just feels that little bit more unique.”

8. Kim Kardashian

The proposal: 2013

The ring: 20-carat flawless rectangle diamond with smaller stones in the band

Mined valuation: £2.5m

Lab-grown valuation: £200k

Savings: £2.3m

“In true Kardashian fashion, there’s no expense spared on her striking ring. This 20-carat soft rectangle diamond, is unmissable, with its prominent size and clarity. The band is adorned with smaller diamonds, which pair perfectly with the simple centrepiece.”

This is the second ring that her Fiancee-at-the-time, Kanye, gave to her. Unfortunately, though, this ring was stolen from Kim in Paris in November 2020.

9. Katy Perry

The proposal: February 2019

The ring: A vintage ruby and diamond flower ring

Mined valuation: £215k

Lab-grown valuation: £35k

Savings: £180k

“Perry’s ring has a distinctly vintage feel, with the shapes reminiscent of a classic 20th-century broach.

The central ruby is a deep pink shade, rather than the classic ruby-red, and the core piece is surrounded by classic diamonds, set in an antique gold casing, consistent with that of the band.”

10. Beyoncé

The proposal: 2008

The ring: An 18-carat emerald cut diamond

Mined valuation: £2m

Lab-grown valuation: £900k

Savings: £900k

“Similar to the diamond shape of Kim Kardashian’s ring is Beyonce’s eye-catching diamond ring. The band is incredibly unique, however, as it splits into two where it joins to the central diamond. It also appears to be adorned by tiny diamonds, making the ring as bling as we’d expect from Queen Bey.

At the time of purchase, the price may have been slightly lower, considering the couple's engagement being over 10 years ago.”

Lab-grown or natural?

As you can see, the price difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds can differ drastically. Lab-grown diamonds offer you the same, incredible stones as a clear, flawless diamond without the price tag. Not only that but opting for a lab-grown stone has a lower environmental and social impact so is perfect for those who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative. Check out our range of lab-grown engagement rings and learn how to buy the perfect engagement ring with our jewellery buying guide.

Methodology: Sacet used Google Keyword Planner to find out the most searched celebrity engagement rings, and to find out which are the most popular amongst the general public. With this information, their diamond expert valued the top 10 at their mined diamond and lab-grown diamond price, to find out the difference between the price points.

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