How to Select the Perfect Jewellery Gift for your Partner

How to Select the Perfect Jewellery Gift for your Partner

3rd March 2021

Finding jewellery for that special someone can feel a little overwhelming. The perfect ring, bracelet or earrings can make a wonderful present for your partner and could be part of their wardrobe for a lifetime. To help you select an exquisite piece of jewellery, we’ve got together some top tips.

Find the right fit

There’s nothing worse than buying the perfect piece of jewellery and discovering that it’s the wrong size. While sizes can be adjusted, finding the right fit should be at the top of your priorities when you start your search. Have a sneaky look at your partner’s jewellery collection and try to get some measurements just to be sure. Unwrapping a dazzling diamond ring that doesn’t fit will take some of the shine off your partner’s present.

Keep an eye on their tastes

With the huge variety of metals, styles and diamonds throughout our collections, it can all feel a bit formidable. Pay close attention to your partner’s tastes and preferences for jewellery. Are they big on rose gold? Do they like heart-shaped designs? Is a solitaire style right up their street? Keep an eye out for the little details and you’ll get a firm idea of what they’d like. Alternatively, our bespoke experience puts the control back in your hands and allows you to design the entire piece.

The type of jewellery 

If you don’t want to get down on one knee, a ring might seem a bit inappropriate. Thankfully, we have a huge variety of jewellery types for that special someone. Dazzling diamond earrings can be a lovely addition to an evening look and our beautiful bracelets come in all shapes and sizes. Diamond pendant necklaces offer something a little more special and can be passed down through generations. Whichever jewellery type you’re looking for, you won’t run out of options.

The ethical decision

Here at Sacet, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable, humanitarian and entirely ethical jewellery. All the diamonds we use are grown in professional laboratories alongside a team of expert jewellers. Each piece is then individually handcrafted in artisan workshops using recycled metals. The result is a piece of jewellery that shines with an undeniable ethical radiance. In our eyes, there’s no better way to reflect your love than by presenting your partner with a gorgeous, conflict-free diamond.

Finding the right piece is never simple. It takes time, patience and some understanding of their taste to get right. However, when you do find that perfect piece, watching your partner open that sparkling diamond ring will make it all worth it.

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