Our Guide to Selecting Your Wedding Ring

Our Guide to Selecting Your Wedding Ring

7th January 2021

Finding the perfect wedding ring is essential, as, like the pictures and memories, your wedding ring is something that will last forever. Getting it right and finding a dazzling diamond that reflects your love is one of the most exciting and challenging parts of planning your wedding. To help you get it right, here’s our guide on picking the perfect wedding ring.

Think about the future

As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s vital to consider the future and not just the day when you’re making a final decision about your ring. Consider whether you’ll appreciate the design in a few years time and find something that truly resonates with the tastes you’ve always had. Ultimately, it’s always best to feel the confidence that your ring design is timeless.

Don’t leave it too late

Trust us - you’ll have enough to worry about as the big day approaches without needing to stress about your wedding ring too. Always leave a solid few months before the wedding to find the perfect style and mull a few options over for a while. Too many brides make a quick decision on their ring and regret it later down the line. This isn’t something you want to rush.

Choose the right size

Most married couples never take off their wedding rings, so you’ve got a lot to consider. Find a size that can make it through all the seasons of your life, from pregnancy to exercise. Bearing in mind possible changes in your life is crucial for picking a ring that’s going to last for a lifetime.

Shop together

While there might be many things you’ll want to plan yourself, shopping for wedding rings as a couple can be fun, helpful and very rewarding. Dedicate a couple of weekend sessions to your search and take the time to chat about whether you want similar or separate designs. After all - you are getting married to each other. 

Buy lab-grown

What better way to reflect your love than with ethical, sustainable and dazzling lab-grown diamonds. Buying lab-created diamonds adds another layer of love to your jewellery and takes a stand against some of the disastrous effects of the diamond mining industry. Your special day deserves a special glint and the ethical radiance of our stunning pieces does just that.

While finding the right ring needs time, patience and shrewdness, you shouldn’t get too weighed down with the decision. If, a few years down the line, you have a change of heart, it’s not too difficult to add some intricacies and alter the design. If you’re struggling to make that final decision, have a browse around our wedding rings collection for some exquisite arrangements.

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