Match Made in Heaven: Gorgeous jewellery ideas for Valentine's Day

Match Made in Heaven: Gorgeous jewellery ideas for Valentine's Day

27th January 2021

Ah Valentine’s Day, the best day of the year to show your loved one how you really feel. For us, jewellery is the perfect meaningful, enduring and memorable gift to help make your message clear. Need some inspiration? We’ve brought together some of our most remarkable designs for Valentine’s Day.

Heart shaped jewellery

Reflect your love in a way that won’t be missed with our timeless heart shaped styles. Whether you’re in need of rings or earrings, our heart shaped designs come in a variety of stunning forms. You won’t get a better chance to impress than with a piece of gorgeous heart shaped jewellery.

Beautiful bracelets

Simplicity is a virtue. Our dazzling designer bracelets feature the exquisite lab-grown diamonds we’re famous for, enveloped in designs that balance the modern and timeless. Bracelets offer an alternative to rings and can be the cherry on top of a beautiful outfit. Have a browse through our collection to see just how much choice you have.

Dangle earrings

From colourful eccentricity to stylish subtlety, our dangle earrings are yet another option for your special Valentine’s gift. A wonderful couple of dangle earrings are perfect for transitioning from the day into the night. Depending on your partner’s tastes, there’s plenty of room for variety with our huge collection.

Engagement ring

Is there a better time to propose than during Valentine’s Day? If you’re going to bend down on one knee and pop the question, make sure you have an engagement ring you can be proud of. Our engagement rings are designed to make that first impression count with wonderful, contemporary designs fused with timeless styles. Add some magic to that special question and mark the day with the right kind of jewellery.

The ethical choice

Making the ethical choice adds another layer of beauty and meaning to your Valentine’s Day. Our entire collection contains gorgeous lab-grown diamonds that sparkle with a unique ethical radiance. Each diamond has been crafted sustainably, using humanitarian methods to create stones that deserve to reflect your love.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just a dinner date. Make the night that bit more meaningful by making the ethical decision, with a choice from our exquisite collection of lab-grown diamond jewellery.

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