From Idea to Customer: Tracing Sacet’s Journey

From Idea to Customer: Tracing Sacet’s Journey

7th May 2020

SACET was born out of a desire to redefine designer jewellery. At the start of our journey, we questioned everything about the jewellery industry. How it is designed, how the materials are sourced and delivered. This has enabled us to develop our own unique approach to crafting jewellery. We set out on a mission to create sustainable jewellery that’s fair for all. Our goal is to create beautiful jewellery that enriches the lives of everyone involved with our brand. We’re passionate about making you feel empowered by simply wearing our pieces.


We wanted to create jewellery with a purpose. In doing so, we strive to give a platform to talented independent designers. Our brand was created as an opportunity for these designers to realise beautiful designs and express their vision. We’re passionate about our designers and we’re lucky to be working with great ones, such as Alisa Mackie, Andrea Tan and Ana De Costa. They provide original and unique designs from only the finest materials. We want to bring you a versatile range of luxury pieces that are handcrafted.


Not only are we passionate about our jewellery and designers, but we’re passionate about the talents of our craftspeople. We want to have a wider impact on the industry. That’s why SACET jewellery comes directly from the craftspeople to you. We set up a manufacturing company for our craftspeople and built a workshop in India. All our products are created using sustainable materials.


Our craftspeople use ethically polished gemstones and diamonds to produce beautiful statement pieces, such as necklaces and pendants. Our jewellery is truly unique. The craftspeople create custom-made pieces, each which are delivered to you in three weeks. Through our designers and craftspeople, we want you to be able to revel in luxury jewellery.

We want to create a beautiful experience for those who wear our jewellery. Our designer jewellery enables you to be part of a unique journey. You will be able to have an ethical and harmonizing relationship with jewellery. We place you at the heart of everything we do. We’re focused on people and the planet, and to create a positive impact through designer jewellery. This is the essence of our journey.

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