Designer Series: Meet Meng Zhang

Designer Series: Meet Meng Zhang

7th May 2020


Meng Zhang is Sacet’s newest designer and is behind Lujia, a collection of fine jewellery with an edgy yet elegant aesthetic. Hers is a tale of realizing where your passion lies and following it to the best of your ability, no matter the odds. Her desire to make it in the industry and become a successful jewellery designer lead her halfway around the world from her native Shanghai to London.

Why did you decide to become a jewellery designer?

I was influenced a lot by my mother when I was a child. She is a big enthusiast for gemstones and jewellery, so she would take me along whenever she would go out to hunt for new treasures. Growing up in an environment like this, you naturally learn to appreciate the beauty, the fascinating stories, and the heritage behind every stone.

IMG_1267-min Meng Zhang models her Lujia Perched Butterfly Pendant. Shop it here. What has your journey looked like so far?

Becoming a jewellery designer was never the plan. I was educated and trained to be a biologist. After that, I changed course and pursued a degree in industrial design. The type of sketching that I learned was for product design, which is far from jewellery design. But all these experiences broadened my views and gave me time to figure out my true passion, which is jewellery. This was when I decided to move from Shanghai to London to begin my degree in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins.

What was it like to move to a new city to pursue your passion?

It's been a wonderful journey. The two cities are alike in many ways. For instance, the diversity in the population, the mixture of cultures, and the sarcastic sense of humor.

Overall, I'm comfortable being in the vibrant atmosphere of London and consider it to be my second home.


What was your biggest obstacle?

The biggest thing that will get in your way is self-doubt. In an industry where competition is fierce and so many talented artists have so many ideas and opinions, it is very easy to get lost and feel unsure of yourself. But if you truly believe in what you’re doing, and pursue your goal no matter what, self-doubt eventually becomes confidence.

What motivates you to design?

The pursuit for beauty and elegance.

How does it feel to see people wearing your pieces?

Thrilled. It’s the moment when my jewellery becomes their jewellery and finally comes to life.


Tell me about the collaboration with Sacet? What does conscious luxury mean to you?

The ethical side of Sacet is one of the main reasons why I chose to work with the brand.

My design philosophy and ideas are all revolve around the wearer. In other words, my work is people-focused, which is why I love that Sacet champions their craftspeople and give them the attention they so rightly deserve.

Shop the Lujia collection here.

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