Conscious Clarity: A simple guide to living more ethically

Conscious Clarity: A simple guide to living more ethically

7th May 2020

Sacet means ‘conscious’ and it’s at the heart of everything we do. The simple commitment we have taken to produce ethical and sustainable jewellery is part of a wider course of action needed for the planet and its people. If you are taking the time to read this message, then you are probably convinced that a conscious lifestyle is worthwhile. So, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to kick start things.

The Cause

As a consumer brand we realise that every pound spent on a product will affect the world we live in. Financially supporting immoral corporate brands allows a perpetuation of their manufacturing methods. Such industries damage our environment and exploit poorer people all over the world. Whilst none of us can save the rainforests or end child labour singlehandedly, the only way to start such a mission is by your own actions.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen is the waste-centre of your home. More than any other room, changing your kitchen may make the biggest difference. It all comes down to the kind of food you eat, how it is packaged and how you dispose it.

Take these steps:

  • Recycle everything you can
  • Set up a compost bin
  • Reduce your meat and fish consumption
  • Buy as little plastic as is physically possible
  • Eat locally source and organic produce
  • Invest in Fairtrade
The Wardrobe

This might be the hardest part of your life to change. Everyone likes to look good, and most of us like to keep up with the latest fashions. Yet the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to child labour and unfair wages across the globe. We say, make change fashionable, and you’ll look and feel a whole lot better.

Take these steps:

  • Avoid any brands that do not make their ethical stance known
  • Choose ethical clothing brands
  • Try to keep your wardrobe down to a minimum
  • Always donate your clothes when you are done with them
  • Learn to fix your broken garments
The Home

Our homes are a physical reflection of who we are. An environment that provides comfort, warmth and protection for us is a natural space to continue our consciousness – home is where the heart is.

Take these steps:

  • Buy eco-friendly textiles (pillows, bedsheets, curtains etc.)
  • Invest in ethical furniture
  • Buy green energy for heating and electric
  • Only flush when you need to
  • Take showers, not baths
The Big Picture

It’s always best to work with individual and specific actions, because they are things that make an actual difference to the way you live. When we make a conscious choice to live ethically, this is amplified amongst our friends, beginning a domino effect which may reach people you have never met. An ethical domino effect is already starting across the world and caused a swell of young ethical companies. It is this change that we need to keep happening.

Remember, brands respond to consumers and if we work together, we can change the way our system operates, helping to save the planet and support its people.

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