Celebrating Jewellery Designers

Celebrating Jewellery Designers

7th May 2020

Fashion designers have enjoyed the spotlight for decades. From names as big as Dior and Chanel to emerging designers that compete on reality television contests, those who create our clothes are celebrated and idolized.

But jewellery designers rarely command the same attention or reach the same celebrity status. In fact, only 20% of fine jewellery is even branded. The designers responsible for creating 6 of 8 of each of our forever pieces remain unknown to us. How can that be when our diamonds and gemstones outlast our skirts and blouses?

The profession requires as much knowledge of gemology as it does style. Designers learn about silver and goldsmithing, diamond polishing and setting and more recently, digital skills like creating computer generated CAD models and 3D prints of their designs.

Our series showcasing designers and their stories will uncover the mysterious world of jewellery design. Learn what it really takes to become a successful designer and about the different paths taken by each of our featured creatives, from top to emerging talent.

Read about Lujia collection desginer, Meng Zhang >

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