Leaves and Love: Five Proposal Ideas for Autumn

Leaves and Love: Five Proposal Ideas for Autumn

19th October 2020

Wrapping up warm for a windy walk, watching coloured leaves falling from the trees, staying cosied up inside on a rainy day - all these things add to the special romance of autumn. We think this beautiful season is the perfect time to get down on one knee and ask that special question. If you’re struggling to find somewhere to start, here’s a few of our favourite autumnal proposal ideas to help you out:

Picnic in the park

Wherever you live, getting outside during autumn is always a treat for the eyes as the parks are glowing with the hue of red, brown and yellow leaves. Why not make the most of this romantic backdrop? Go back to basics and organise a delicious picnic with all your partner’s favourite food. Sitting among the leaves on a sunny day is the perfect backdrop for popping the question.

Pumpkin patch

Does it get more autumnal than a pumpkin patch? Strolling among the bright oranges of a pumpkin patch can offer a colourful setting for your engagement. We’d suggest travelling down to visit a patch and making sure it’s ideal. You could even carve a message in a specific pumpkin if you get in touch with the owner beforehand. There are plenty of places just outside of London, which are the perfect place for your proposal.


Warm, cosy fires are a staple of the autumnal experience. Whether you’re sitting in the pub or reading a book at home in your favourite chair, wood fires add another level of comfort you can’t find in summer. The comfort of proposing beside the crackle of a fire is definitely something to consider. Sometimes extravagance isn’t necessary when it comes to proposals and finding that special night by the fireplace might be all you need.

Apple Picking

Autumn often signals apple picking season. Maybe it summons up hunter-gatherer connections with our past, but apple picking is always satisfying, reassuring and enjoyable. Grab your wellies and your basket and pop the question when your bag is filled to the brim. Sitting amongst the apple trees in the orchard is also the ideal backdrop. Picking fruit together can also be very romantic; just make sure you don’t bruise the apples!

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is one of the standout nights of the season and always brings back nostalgic memories. While the fireworks are blasting and the fires are roaring, popping the question amongst all the excitement gives you the perfect time to propose. Who knows - you might even get a round of applause!

Autumn always seems to go past in the blink of an eye before winter arrives. We say make the most of the cosiness of the season, the beautiful colours and the big, warm coats to frame your proposal in the perfect picture.

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