The Best Conflict-Free Engagement Rings from Sacet

The Best Conflict-Free Engagement Rings from Sacet

7th January 2021

Whether you’re planning to propose on top of the Eiffel Tower or during a lockdown lunch, your engagement ring should always be exquisite quality. Our collection of ethical engagement rings contains a multitude of dazzling designs and stunning styles to make that special moment even more magical. We’ve picked out some of our personal favourites to give your future fiancé a delightful surprise. 

Solitaire engagement ring

A classic and gorgeous design, solitaire styles are the most traditional type of engagement rings. Meticulously handmade using ethical diamonds, our solitaire selection is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional proposal. The sophisticated solitary design effortlessly emphasises the timeless elegance of our lab-grown diamonds. If you’re looking for a safe bet, solitaire diamonds are the choice for you.

Side stone engagement ring

The striking designs of our side stone engagement rings fuses contemporary and classic styles. With a cluster of diamonds around the side of each ring, the singular lab-grown diamond at the center of the piece is perfectly complemented. The result is a style that will add an extra sparkle to your engagement and bring out the brilliance of the gorgeous central diamond.

Vintage engagement ring

The passionate beauty of vintage styles is difficult to get right. Using timeless, traditional designs from the past, our vintage selection manages to expertly fuse both classic and contemporary styles. If your partner has a distinct taste for antique looks, our authentic vintage rings may be the way to go. All of our vintage rings have been imbued with a unique glamour and are perfect for those with a palate for the past.

Halo engagement ring

If you’re looking to present a ring to your future fiance with slightly more dazzling qualities, our halo styles may be the way to go. With smaller sparkling stones smoothly encircling, halo engagement rings expertly emphasise the shimmering quality of a large, central diamond. For those looking for a unique and glamorous design, our halo engagement rings are the optimum choice. 

Metals matter

When choosing the perfect engagement ring - metals matter. With our sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum metals, you’re certainly not lacking choice. If your partner prefers the subtler shades, sterling silver, white gold and platinum add a layer of quiet luxury to the overall style. Our rose and yellow gold varieties are distinctly brighter metals, both emphasising and adding to our diamond designs.

Ultimately, it’s never been more important to buy ethically. Each of our engagement rings has been handcrafted with stunning lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals in a huge variety of styles and designs. Buy a ring that deserves to reflect your love with a browse through our beautiful conflict-free and sustainable diamond engagement ring collections today. The possibilities are endless.

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