Answered: How do you Grow Diamonds in a Lab?

Answered: How do you Grow Diamonds in a Lab?

19th October 2020

As an alternative to mined diamonds, our lab-grown diamonds retain the same chemical structure, physical properties and visual appearance. So, how do we do it? The sustainable processes behind our lab-grown diamonds produce remarkable results and we’re here to explain how it all happens.

The method we use is CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), an optimum process in which diamonds develop with hydrogen and methane. While being relatively new, this process expertly imitates the growth that natural diamonds go through and is notably more efficient than other methods. Here’s a seven step run through of how it all works:

  1. In this first step, we place 20-30 thinly sliced diamond seeds into a growth chamber.

  1. It’s time to insert our methane and hydrogen into our growth chamber, creating a plasma of superheated gases.

  1. With our diamonds seeds inside the growth chamber, we now push the temperature up to around 1100°C.

  1. The gases in the chamber begin to ionize, pulling apart their molecular bonds and creating pure carbon.

  1. The carbon now begins to attach itself to the seeds, leading the diamond to grow carbon atom by atom in layers for the next month. This layering is crucial for developing that exquisite quality.

  1. Our expert team of jewellers are constantly checking and monitoring the progress of our seeds, taking diamonds out at the optimum time for cutting. Timing this perfectly is key to dazzling results.

  1. From the rough shape that comes out of the chamber, we cut and polish our diamonds to perfection and add them to a jewellery setting.

Technological progressions in the last few years have given us an opportunity to create dazzling diamonds without the questionable methods of extraction. While it may seem simple, our diamonds go through rigorous checks and thorough inspections in order to reach the highest quality. The processes we use have always been sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly, leaving you with a reassuring peace of mind.

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