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8 Accessories that make any Outfit look Cooler

With the right accessories you can transform the plainest of outfits into a piece of art. You don’t need to harm the planet to look good either. The jewellery that we create at Sacet is ethically made and consciously crafted so that not only can you accessorise with jewellery that is both affordable and luxurious, you can also do the right thing for the planet and its people.

The way you choose to accessorise shows a lot about your personality. For example, maybe you are a minimalist at heart and wear only a couple of delicate jewellery pieces, or perhaps you love colourful ornate styles that show off your vibrant personal taste. The way you choose to express yourself should be entirely how your heart desires but we do offer some great accessories that make any outfit look cooler. Read on to discover our top jewellery pieces, all consciously crafted using recycled metals and conflict-free gems, that we know you will love.


Stack them up or wear alone, the right earrings can effortlessly upgrade your style in an instant. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Diamond Earrings

1.Ornate Geometric Stud Earrings
If you like to be bold with your accessories inject a splash of colour with our Ornate Geometric Stud Earrings. These beautiful earrings are handcrafted by our artisan jewellers and made using recycled metals and ethically polished semi-precious gemstones. These statement earrings look just as good on their own or paired with the matching pendant.


2.Marque Ripple Diamond Stud Earrings
A popular style with influencers and bloggers alike, our Marque Ripple Diamond Stud Earrings are clean and contemporary in style and effortlessly make any outfit look cooler.



If your style is a little more eclectic, there is no better way to accessorise than to stack your bracelets. Try mixing different styles and metal colours for a way to instantly make your outfit look cooler. Here are a few we love.

Diamond Bracelets

3.Marque Infinity Diamond Bangle
They say accessorising is an art form and our Marque Infinity Diamond Bangle certainly proves that. This elegant and contemporary style features a curved band and is adorned with conflict-free diamonds for a luxurious finish.


4.Ornate Geometric Tassel Bracelet
Our Ornate Geometric Tassel Bracelet is the perfect way to make your boho style look cooler. Featuring an array of semi-precious gemstones and a beautiful tassel, this bracelet adds effortless elegance.



Whether a sentimental piece or purely just a piece of fashion jewellery, a necklace is a great way to instantly make your outfit look cooler. Wear alone or layered depending on your personal taste. Here are a few we recommend.

Diamond Necklaces

5.Classic Pave Diamond Oval Necklace
Another influencer and blogger favourite, our Classic Pave Diamond Oval Necklace is perfect for stacking up with other styles. This beautiful necklace is made with the minimalist in mind and is adorned with intricate conflict-free diamonds for a luxe finish that won’t break the bank.


6.Marque Curve Diamond Necklace
Our Marque Curve Diamond Necklace is wonderfully versatile. Ethically crafted using recycled metal and adorned with intricate conflict-free diamonds we think this piece looks great layered with other delicate styles.



Rings are very on-trend right now and wearing one (or many) is a quick and easy way to up your style ante. Mix up different styles and metal colours for an effortlessly stylish finish. Here are a few we love.

7.Lujia Open River Ring
For a fashion-forward look, our Lujia Open River Ring is the perfect choice. This elegant ring design is ethically crafted using recycled metal and showcases a distinct open design that adds a cool, edgy finish to any outfit. This style looks particularly good when stacked up with other jewellery.

8.Marque Double Ring
Right now it is super on-trend to stack your rings up and our Marque Double Ring is the perfect step towards achieving this look. This style is handcrafted by our artisan jewellers and finished with conflict-free diamonds. Pair with other ring styles in different metal colours to update your outfit in an instant.