5 Reasons to Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

5 Reasons to Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

7th May 2020

At Sacet creating jewellery that is not only beautiful but is also good for the planet, is important to us. We believe that the jewellery industry should have greater transparency regulations so that consumers know exactly how their jewellery is made and the origin of the materials that are used. That is why we are committed to using lab-grown diamonds and only recycled metals so that our customers can have complete peace of mind around the ethics behind our jewellery. In this post we explore the main reasons why choosing lab-grown diamonds over those that are man-made is the right choice.

Quality and beauty Diamonds that are lab-grown are physically, chemically and optically the same as natural mined diamonds. They are so similar that, even when using a jewellery loupe, mined and lab created diamonds are almost impossible to tell apart. In fact, the only real way for lab-grown diamonds to be distinguished from those that are mined is by testing them with specialised equipment. It is important for jewellery that is created using man-made diamonds to come with its own certification identifying it as lab-grown.

Ethically sourcedWe are all aware of the human, ethical and ecological conflict that surrounds diamond mining. It is thought that there is around 1 injury for every 1,000 workers yearly as a result of mined diamonds, whereas the casualties from lab-grown diamonds are zero. The origin of a diamond is hugely important to the conscious consumer. With mined diamonds it is difficult to trace the exact provenance, meaning that the only way for the consumer to buy a diamond that is completely conflict-free is to purchase one that is lab-grown.

Value for money Not only are lab-grown diamonds completely conflict-free, they also offer great value for money. Lab-created diamonds are slightly more affordable than natural diamonds of the same quality and size. There are a few reasons for this. Although lab-grown and mined diamonds incur costs when it comes to cutting, polishing and inspection, the processes and costs prior to this are very different. As lab-grown diamonds, thankfully, skip the mining process they have a much shorter supply chain than mined diamonds, resulting in them being less expensive.

Environmentally kind It is no secret that diamond mining has a significant impact on the environment. In fact for around every one carat diamond that is mined, nearly 6000 lbs of mineral is wasted and almost 100sq ft of land is disturbed. As lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory, the process in which they are formed is kind to the environment.

Peace of mind For the conscious consumer, buying lab-grown diamonds provides complete peace of mind that a natural mined diamond cannot guarantee. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced (no blood diamonds here!), environmentally kind, great value for money, and look identical to the mined variety, while there is always the reassurance of knowing the exact origin of the diamond.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring then there is nothing more impressive than doing what is best for our people and the planet.


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