100%: How recycled silver is changing the jewellery industry

100%: How recycled silver is changing the jewellery industry

7th May 2020

For decades, mining has been a fundamental process in the the jewellery supply chain. Modern consumers look for sustainability and transparency in the brands they believe in, buy into and support. Its essential jewellery gets up to speed on this. SACET is committed to producing ethically polished and sustainable jewellery.

We create our beautifully crafted jewellery from 100% recycled silver. Recycling silver helps to limit the amount of metals that must be produced. This will ensure for less waste in landfills and can help to slow the consuming of natural resources. Hand-made jewellery from used silver can cut down transportation costs. Smaller scale doesn’t mean lower quality. Artisans have a love for the product and create truly unique designs.

Mining silver greatly impacts the environment. It causes erosion and contaminates ground water. A high level of mercury and cyanide are often found in water. These substances are incredibly damaging to human health.

Because silver is relatively cheap to produce, it has been difficult to persuade miners to opt for more sustainable processes. Hand-crafting recycled materials takes more time and resources, but it’s far better for the environment.

The modern luxury consumer wants to know everything about their product. There’s now a demand for transparency. For jewellery brands, the charm of heritage and exclusivity is no longer enough to attract consumers. There’s more of a demand for brands to take an approach that champions openness, diversity and sustainable practices. We know the mindset of consumers has changed. They are mindful of the challenges facing humanity and are conscious of finding a solution.

While the jewellery industry is far behind other sectors in terms of sustainability, the industry is starting to become more agile. It is becoming more responsive to the demand for greener, fairer processes. There is a wider effort from human rights counsels and organisations to ensure the industry engages in responsible sourcing. It’s important we prioritise recycled silver in the jewellery industry to progress in the journey towards sustainability.

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